Why Are Slots Called Pokies in New Zealand?

The nature of fascination that surrounds the world of slots is immense, and we are all aware of how things go about. Due to that, exploring this particular subject is bound to get things going and bring about a difference for the better. As a result, we are here today to take you on a ride through online slots and help you understand why slots are called pokies in New Zealand.

Games of Luck – Pokie

One among the ideal aspects of online slots in New Zealand and Australia refers to the fact that they are known as “Pokie.” Yes, that’s right. These games of luck tend to be known according to the slang, and people go about using the same in a sentence. Since these games began with machines and went ahead to make a mark in the online world, things have been heading in the right manner and making changes for good. Thanks to that, it is worth noting them down and understanding what they have to offer.

However, when it comes to the origin of the name “Pokie,” there is something that you need to know. Since they were once machines, people used to poke their fingers in them with the hope of earning some coins. As a result, it is believed that they started calling it “Pokie,” and everyone followed the same. While this is a common story, there are many who also believe that the name does not have a proper origin. Yes, that’s right. The long term of poker machines might have been shortened to include an easier term and thus “pokies.”

Pokies & Slots

Pokies & Slots

With the difference in name, people believed that the games also had something different to offer. However, the story is not so and takes a different turn. Both these games are one and the same, with the rules being similar for the largest part. So regardless of the misconceptions, it is not right to believe that these games are one and the same. Hence, the next time you come across someone who calls these games different, you need to understand the mistake and look towards correcting it all together.

A Common Term

Going for a vacation in New Zealand is bound to help you come across people using this term. Due to that, you need to continue using the same and look towards getting used to the experience of gambling. If you visit a casino, ask them to direct you towards the best pokies, and they will do so with ease. So plan your vacation accordingly and then understand the outcome that you plan on receiving. Hence, that is why slots are called pokies.

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