New Zealand Gambling Stats

Gambling has proven to be a very popular activity everywhere in the world. But, I would like to mention that the COVID-19 pandemic actually hindered gambling activities everywhere. No matter which country you go to, you will find that people are affected by the virus. That is why, the casino industry also took a gigantic hit, because of the virus. Since gambling is a popular activity that is very social, casinos had to shut down. But, this wasn’t the case in New Zealand. New Zealand was not exactly affected by the virus, as much as other countries. New Zealand actually handled the pandemic in a much better manner. Their casinos were actually open, but they had a lot of social distancing parameters set in place.

• New Zealand and Australia or actually two countries that are going about everyday life, normally. The gambling scene in New Zealand is back to normal, sort of. Gambling has always been very popular in New Zealand.

• It actually hit a new stride, in the last couple of years. The gambling expenditure from New Zealand was a little more than $2 billion, back in the year 2015.

• That number has only increased in the last six years. The $2 billion factor into the amount of money that is completely spent on gambling, betting, lotteries and casino activities.


• The first-ever recorded lottery in New Zealand actually goes back to the 19 century. With recognition of interest that is going down, a lot of people were purchasing lottery tickets illegally from Australia. The national government went ahead and founded the lottery later on.

• These runs were actually very successful, until the year 1987, when the New Zealand lottery commission came into existence. Later on, people had access to ScratchCards, Powerball and Keno as well.

Horse racing is also something that has been very popular in New Zealand. It happens to be illegal in other countries. People have been betting on horse races since 1910.

• You should also know that online gambling is something that a lot of people are interested in, in New Zealand. It is actually illegal to operate an online casino in the country of New Zealand, but the citizens of New Zealand are making use of overseas online casinos. They are making use of online casinos that are based in the United Kingdom and the United States.

• Under the law, all kinds of gambling activities are controlled by the Department of internal affairs. Every single gambling activity needs to be reported.

• They also have laws that prohibit gambling activities throughout the country, without the use of a licence and registration. Without licence and registration, it is illegal to run a gambling business in New Zealand.

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