North Island driving distances & times

Get driving distances and travel times between cities on the North Island of New Zealand with routes on a map. Choose from a list of 73 North Island cities.

North Island driving distance calculator

The North Island distance calculator and route finder displays the driving distances and driving times between cities on the North Island of New Zealand.


Select a start location and a destination from the list boxes below. The route calculated will be displayed on the map.

If you are looking for distances between cities on the South Island, you can use the South Island driving distances page.

There are also scenic driving route videos available for a few selected scenic routes on the South Island of New Zealand.

Please do not abuse this page and only look up the distances and times that you are really interested in knowing. If this page is not working due to overload or too many requests made, please go to this page or Google Maps as an alternative.



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In the meantime, here is a table containing the distances between a few key places on the North Island. All distances are in kilometers.

North Island distances table

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Map 1. Driving route between two North Island New Zealand cities or towns.

Distances between popular North Island cities

The amount of kilometers between popular cities/towns on the North Island of New Zealand:

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