Maps of Places and Cities in New Zealand

Learn where you can find free maps of cities and walks in New Zealand and view maps displaying ski fields, attractions, and activities in popular places.

If you are looking for maps of New Zealand for personal use, there are a couple of websites you can visit to find free maps.


If you are into hiking and are looking for topographic maps, you can visit the Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) website, which is an official government website that provides data services. You can download maps and print them out for personal use.

The Department of Conservation (DOC) website sometimes also offers maps of walks, and if you cannot find a map for a particular walk, you can always check out the website of the city council where the walk is located to see whether they have got a map.

If you are looking for maps of New Zealand cities, Google Maps is a good place to start. Google Maps not only offers maps, but you can also get distance estimates between places, driving times, and see what a place looks like by using Google Street View.

Another source of city maps as well as walks maps are visitor information sites or i-Sites. It is good to use such maps when you have a good idea of where you want to go in New Zealand.

Queenstown map with attractions & activities

A map of Queenstown city centre with street-level detail and recommendations on places to visit and things to do in and around Queenstown New Zealand.

Christchurch map, activities & attractions

A map of Christchurch city centre with street-level detail showing the names of streets in Christchurch in Canterbury on the South Island of New Zealand.

Wanaka map, activities & attractions

General information about Wanaka, including how to get there, driving distances and times, activities and attractions, and a map of Wanaka.

Wellington map, info, attractions & activities

Get general info about Wellington in New Zealand, things to do, and places to go, including a map of the city centre with street-level detail.

Cromwell information, things to do, and map

Learn whether it is worth staying in Cromwell, what you can do around Cromwell, and see a map of Cromwell's town centre on the South Island.

New Zealand ski fields map

This article lists 25 New Zealand ski fields on a map, so that they can be easily located on the North Island or the South Island. It also provides links to the various New Zealand ski fields web sites.

Catlins New Zealand map

Get information about places to visit in the Catlins in New Zealand and see where exactly they are located on a map so that you can easily find them.

Lord of the Rings locations map

Get a map with the exact locations of places from the Lord of the Rings pointed out, so that you can easily find them; only easily accessible locations included.